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Automated Olive Oil Filling Machine Glass Bottling Equipment 500ml - 2500ml
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Automated Olive Oil Filling Machine Glass Bottling Equipment 500ml - 2500ml Manufacturers & Exporters from India
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Product Details:
Material: SUS304
Filling Speed: 20-80 Bottles Per Min
Driven Type: Electric
Guarantee: One Year
Filling Capacity: 100-5000 Ml, Can Be Customized
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Weight: 700kg
Packing: Strong Wooden Case

Automated Olive Oil Filling Machine Glass Bottling Equipment 500ml - 2500ml

  1. This metering pump filling machine is specially made for all materials, such as water, gel, shampoo, oil olive oil, motor oil etc. The machine adopts piston pump and for filling.
  2. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill many kinds of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision.
  3. The machine can fill different shapes of bottle such as circular, round, flat, square, etc. It is suitable for glass bottle and plastic bottle.
  4. The filling capacity can be adjustable, the filling volume can be varied from 500-2500 ml by adjusting the piston pump.
  5. An optional diving nozzle mechanism plunges the filling nozzles into the container for increased production speeds without splashing, and we can produce the different filing nozzles for your different speed requirement.
  6. Filling volumes are programmable and can be adjusted from the touch screen.

It is applicable to different shaped bottles and plastic bottles: plastic,glass bottle and mould bottle. The bottle - in and bottle- out has specialized structure. It doesn't drop bottles or nip bottles.
Suitable filling material: This machine adopts piston pump, which is suitable for all kind materials, with highfilling speed and high filling precision.
For filling corrosive, the position pump will be made by silicon rubber, Teflon, ceramics and other corrosion resistance materials.
Controlling system: The machine adopts full-auto PLC and human-computer touch screen control system.
For different volumes adjustment, we set several procedures, mode 1, mode 2, mode 3``` Operators do not need too much complicated adjustments, the filling machine can switch betweenthe three models easily.
Different volume adjustment: By adjusting the piston pump, it also can fill all the liquid from 500-2500ml.
Bottle position correct device:To ensure the bottles and filling nozzles are in the correct position, we add a special bottles position device to make the whole filling process smooth and stable.
No bottle no filling: Filling nozzles. The filling nozzles are specialized made: anti drop. Also, the filling nozzles will come into the bottle bottom, and moving up slowly when filling.
Cleaning: The pump uses quick-fit removal Structure, it is easy cleaning and disinfection.

Filling material  Olive Oil, Oil, Liquid, Sticky Liquid 
Filling nozzles 2/4/6/8 can be customized
Metering system  Piston pump
Filling speed  Customized 
Filling capacity 500-5000ml
Filling precision ≤± 0.5%
Air consumption  0.6-0.8MPa
Power  Customized 
Application bottle  Circular, round, flat, square, etc glass and plastic bottle 


Our advantages:

Main components parts

N0. Name  Brand
1 PLC control system Mitsubishi(Japan)
2 driver KINCO (Germany)
3 Frequency changers Schneider(France)
4 Photo electricity Omron(Japan)
5 Photoelectric sensor FOTEK(Taiwan)
6 Touches screen Eview(Taiwan)
7 Motor WANXIN(Taiwan)
8 Bearings Japan
9 Stainless steel material  304SS


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